Check out these bodypaint 2011 images:

Goddess KRING standing near Shannon Kringen
bodypaint 2011
Image by shannonkringen
9974 (my camera is: canon rebel t3i DSLR camera with tamron 18-270 lens)

bodypaint 2
bodypaint 2011
Image by greyloch
From Sunday night at the con. Don’t know if this is the same body-paint model from Friday but it’s definitely the same artist.

She truly has no body modesty.

Tech stuff: exposure level masked out in Photoshop (feathers are the worst!); Topaz Adjust (smooth & flat) filter applied to the background.

Enchanted Creatures
bodypaint 2011
Image by photognome
Neon Armor’s "Enchanted Creatures Art Show" at the Mattress Factory Lofts

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