Hannah Davis has had a wild few days talking about her incredible cover photo on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Brad Blanks attempts to find out what she loves to wear the most and what…
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2015 Cover girl … shut it down.
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  1. Good interview +bradblanks on this timely and controversial cover photo! We
    were just talking about this photo on Reno Fox11 with news anchor +Melissa
    Carlson !

  2. “MJ’s taking inspiration from each decade and honouring it by pulling from
    past shoots of each decade”

  3. Reasons to downvote:

    1) Jealousy
    2) You’re fundamentally against masturbation
    3) ?

  4. I just ejaculated for the first time and it was awsome

  5. Also why bother blurring out her vag? She flashes that thing all over the

  6. Emily Ratajkowski – Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2014 – compilation – HD
    Published on Feb 19, 2014
    2015 Cover girl ..

  7. “such an honor”. babe, please. you keep the internet’s right arm in shape.

  8. she is beautiful. but I don’t understand the lip thing. can someone explain
    the lip adjustment concept?

  9. “you can tell he loves his work…”

    who wouldn’t???? 

  10. Imagine all these bitches are with you in bed on a perfect night ready to
    do anything that you want them to… I’d fuck all their brains out and feed
    all of them my cum… :D

  11. Thank you advanced warfare for introducing me to emily ratajkowski

  12. Охренеть, это видео заслуживает только одни лайки!)

  13. She’s a little rat-ish around the nose/face area, but light years cuter
    than the Michelin Gal-Kate Upton.

  14. Nice tits. But something about her lips/nose combo reminds me of a bird. 

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