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AIrbrush Tutorials – BodyPaint

A video about us, soon to be updated as we also have changed our FOCUS. A new site, a NEW Learning System that will ensure others the same Airbrushing Success. Find out more at …
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  1. what kind of airbrush are u using? nice. i like the details. its a nice
    art. i wana do something like this but i dont know what kind of airbrush
    will i use to do fine details like yours…. 🙂 

  2. Hi AcE where did you get that oval freehand stencil. So far it is the only
    one I have seen you use and it seems to come in quite handy. Thanks m8. 

  3. Ahhhh cheerz m8, makes me proud to know at least I’ve helped out one person
    LOL..Will be great to have ya there m8…:)

  4. Let me know when they start if you could and I will be there.

  5. They may be a bit random at the start m8 as those doing the shows have to
    work around real life..At our website we will announce any new shows,
    times, any references that may be needed etc..and of course a tool to help
    ya convert it to your time zones 🙂

  6. Cheerz m8, ya english is prob better than mine m8..Do a little research m8
    as there are pretty good cheaper options open to get ya started..Research
    the Badger patriot, Iwatwa HP-C, Paasche talon..These three brushes are
    good starting brushes, being a badger fan I’d suggest the patriot as it can
    be quite versatile and modified l8r when ya get more confident with a fine
    conversion kit..Great gun..The main thing you need to decide is whether ya
    want a gravity or siphon feed..

  7. Bit late to post this up, better l8 than never the demo will kick off
    around Wednesday 27th at 11.30 am Australian Eastern Standard Time for
    anyone popping in :)..We will also endevour to run some weekend demo’s to
    suit those who work for a living 🙂

  8. Ok, big thx, I first sell my airrsoft, then I’ll work a bit as a student
    this summer, and then AIRBRUSH!!! XD

  9. You’re doing crazy stuff, bro! I do have an airbrush, but it is for making
    models, so the beam it makes is way too large (since it’s made to paint an
    entire wing, eg)… So I’m planning on getting an airbrush like yours, but
    I’m a little lost on which one to choose, where to get it and how much
    for… Plus I have to keep in mind that I’m on a budget. Perhaps you could
    help me out? Keep going and cheers from Belgium! 😀 PS: sorry if my
    English’s poor! :/

  10. Also make sure ya get yaself a dual action airbrush and NOT a single action
    as you likely may already have for ya models..GL and have fun with it, its
    a great hobby..

  11. you betcha I’ll be there! if it hadn’t been for you i wouldn’t be
    airbrushing today!

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