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The Dutch are known the world over for their love of cycling and Dutch bikes are instantly recognisable by their funky frames and high handlebars. Anyone who has ever been to Amsterdam, The Hague or Rotterdam will have already seen Dutch bikes and may already be interested in purchasing one of these transport solutions for themselves.
Authenticity is absolutely key when it comes to buying Dutch bikes and the right Dutch bikes will be durable, in the style seen all over the Netherlands and also comfortable to ride. Dutch bikes come in a range of styles and colours, and are designed to be ridden by both men and women, though there are some Dutch bikes designs which are more masculine or feminine in style.
If you are looking for authentic and stylish Dutch bikes then visit us here at Dutchie and take a look at our varied range of top quality Dutch bikes. All of our Dutch bikes are designed to be comfortable to ride, great to look at and durable enough to deal with regular use.
Our Dutch bikes come in a wide range of sizes to ensure that any Dutch bikes customer gets the best option for their needs, and one of our most popular Dutch bikes models is the Chic, which comes in five different styles and two different speeds.
Our Dutchie Chic three speed is a brilliant choice for female riders, and we stock this Dutch bikes option in three different sizes to ensure comfort at all times. This bike comes in classic black, and has a touch of white on the back to ensure that riders can safely be seen by other motorists.
This Dutch bikes choice comes complete with a lock, lights, carrier, stand, bell, puncture resistant tyres, a bell and a fantastic ten year guarantee which gives our Dutch bikes customers the reassurance they need that our products are the absolute best.
If you are interested in Dutch bikes then visit us here at Dutchie and check out our extensive range of Dutch bikes, which all boast classic design and are affordably priced.

Dutch Bikes are provided by our company at the most competitive prices. offers the most affordable prices for all our Dutch Bike that we supply- visit us today to get in contact with us!

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