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Film Festival

Film Festivals have been enjoyed around the world since the early 1930s. The first major film festival was held in Venice Italy and there have been several other film festivals presented around the world. In 1953 the United States had its first major film festival and many other festivals have fallen suite since then.

What is a Film Festival?

The point of a film festival is to present different films in either a movie theater or outdoor screening venue. Film festivals are very organized and usually show part or all of a selected film to the public and can vary in what is shown.

Many times film festivals have a very focused genre. There are several film festivals that focus on short films and have a required maximum length for those being presented. The United States has many film festivals that are yearly events with actors and actresses invited.

Is There an Entry Fee for Filmmakers?

There typically is a required entry fee for filmmakers to enter their work for consideration. Not everyone who enters their film for consideration will be chosen to participate in the film festival. The film festivals that typically require an entry fee are those that are larger festivals or smaller boutique film festivals that are selective.

The smaller film festivals sometimes do not charge an entry fee to submit films. In these cases films selected could be more limited than that of a larger film festival. The smaller film festivals tend to not attract as many big names as the larger film festivals do.

How Much Does it Cost to Enter a Film?

It’s always a good idea to enter your film into both the free, no-fee film festivals and the ones that do charge a fee. Most fees for entering your film can cost anywhere between $ 25 and $ 50 for submission. It’s a highly competitive submission process so make sure your film is ready before submitting it for consideration.

What are Some Tips for the Submission Process?

The submission process is fairly straight forward. You simply need to research the film festivals you’re interested in and look online for the submission applications. You will need to print out the submission forms, fill them out and send them to a mailing address along with a check for the entry fee and a copy or copies of the actual film.

It’s very important to make sure you have all required information filled out on the submission form and include the fee money and the actual film. There are due dates for submission so it’s also important to submit your film and application before the deadline runs out.

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