A few nice bodypaint tutorial images I found:

No, Don’t pop the Balloon, Laney. i swear there is nothing in it. Good thing it was not a water balloon.
bodypaint tutorial
Image by The Crump Effect
We all got together to do body painting and have Laney model Ceramic Corsets designed by my friend, Nicole Moan. It was a crazy short time we had and we did most of it last minute planning, resorting to shooting in one of Nicole’s friends back yards. We had already lost the light of the day for shooting and did not have a studio, so we improvised. Little did we know what kind of success all of us would start to have. Congratulations to Laney on all her recent accomplishments.

Nicole is still doing shows all across the nation with her Ceramic Corsets and even fashion designs.

My team and I are working on new body painting projects, classes, motivational videos and more. If you want to keep up with us, check out the attached links. Recently we got sponsored by SNAZAROO, one of the world’s largest body paint suppliers. Nicole and Laney have both been on TV a lot lately. I need to catch back up. Been hiding in the woodworks for too long it seems.

Model: Laney Parkhurst (Chantal) ( Pinup Model/Muse, SYFY FaceOff Makeup Contestant, Suicide Girl and much more..)
Ceramic Corset designed and created by: www.nicolemoan.com
My team, the models and I, really want to thank all of you for your support, likes, favorites, comments and feedback. We are glad you like the work we are doing and we have good news.

We are now working on a Youtube channel called " The Crump Effect". We will be doing some fun interviews with talented creators, some variety shows and shorts and for the past several weeks we have been working on FREE Body Painting tutorial videos that will will be posting on our youtube channel. So If you are interested, search for "The crump Effect" on youtube and google to find out more. When you find us, subscribe and say hello. Let us know what you would like to see.

Click here to see The Crump Effect on Youtube

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