This is a quick tutorial on how to paint realistic flames on an RC car body.

Main.TV Reportage aus Mömbris. Main.TV war zu Gast bei Andrea Pischel im Atelier Lizard Design in Mömbris. Isabel Ambos, ein junges Model wurde hier mit spezieller MakeUp – Farbe besprüht und bekam so eine Sommerwiese mit einem gelben Entchen auf den Körper gesprüht. Bodypainting, So nennt sich diese spezielle Airbrushtechnik.
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  1. was i the only one adjusting the volume throughout the whole video?

  2. I just wasted 7 minutes of my life… Watching a really good video 😀

  3. What adhesion promoter do you use? I know several avid rc guys who have tried using urethane but have issues with chipping. I don’t think any have used Kustom paints so perhaps that is the difference? Was also given a tip to scotch brite the surface and then use clear as the adhesion promoter? Makes sense in theory however not sure the durability with lexan given the abuse off road bodies take. Thanks for the posts.

  4. man this was ignorant. first of all the camera NEVER does justice to the true outcome of the brush work. tony is one of the best artists on here. not to mention he donates SO much time trying to help people with their painting. u may want to check out some of his other work before you accuse him of not being up to par. i assume youre pretty young, but please think before you bash someones art.

  5. your a rat.. wheres your vids assholes????. this lad might not have it bangin this time but him and ed hubbs have showed me almost all i know… so fuk off idiot

  6. your blue and green flames looked sweet … but your flames you airbrushed in the video weren’t so hot so to speak … hehe.

  7. clear coat is not only for shine dumbass, its also to protect it , even on the inside!


  8. Faskolor. The colors are waterbase, most hobby shops carry them, they are water resistant and nitro PROOF (which is awesome) the only problem I have found is that you get a lot of paint drying on the tip. you spray this stuff as is (no thinning) and never let it harden, if you are going to leave your project for 10 mins, clean the gun! It’s made for lexan, bends, twists and (in my case) nails the ground a lot, sticks like baby shit bro 😉 faskoat for even more protection.

  9. thanks dude! so where can i get summa those colors?
    and do these colourz stick to the bodyshell or do they break and split if the bodyshell is twistet a bit?

  10. She is full of crap, you can do your own but you have to use a paint specifically for it, I use fascolors (there are some badass pearlescent, translucent (kinda like candy colours), and even metallic flake. go slow and make sure to have your pattern thought out BEFORE you start lol. Good luck bro! *I am trying to integrate carbon fiber and it looks good so far.

  11. i wanned to get an airbrush system today to pimp up my cars bodyshell and the assisstent told me that wasn possible because u couldnt use lexan colour with an airbrush
    is that true? if not, where can u get lexan airbrush colour?

  12. I noticed you like to go around talkin shit on random vids.Like the one of someone’s drawings. They were someone young and you shattered their pride with your dumb ass comment. I also noticed your fourteen. So I will leave it be and just say you need a spanking young lady!!

  13. who gave this thumbs up he says use adhesion promoter and you dont need clear you paint it on the inside

  14. Plus, you paint an rc car body on the inside. No need for clear coat dumbshit.

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