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Question by CaffeineAddict: Bodypaint: Is it still nudity?
What is your opinion on this? If a woman has her whole body covered in paint, and maybe it is a design or painted on clothes….. Is this nudity and should it be allowded on network TV?

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Answer by dantheman_028
No clothes = nudity
Paint is little different than a tattoo, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination.
They might get away with it if the painting was realistic and they don’t zoom too close in on the model.

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  1. Definitely not. Actually, I don’t know how people get away with it.

  2. if you have no clothes on, yes, it is called nudity even if you choose to “disguise” it with paint.

  3. well….yeah!!! I love it that people will find any excuse to be slutty…

    same for Halloween…. a costume is not a permit to dress like a whore!!

    or Is it???

    (insert X files theme)

  4. yes, it’s still nudity, and no it should not be allowed on tv. I for one would not want my children to see it…

  5. It’s of course nudity, but art nudity. Some bodypainters are very good in this. Body is great for performing arts.

    If it’s well done and tasteful, yes, it should be allowed on TV, as well as showing beautiful nude statues, nude paintings… Of course, if the painting is really sexual, it may have to be shown only late.

    In Europe, showing bodypainting on TV has already been done, with a large audience. I remember having seen a French documentary on it at 9 p.m on a main TV channel (and there was nothing sexual at all in the content) and having seen a bodypainted woman in a TV game some years ago. The torch light was low, it created a kind of “mysterious” atmosphere – maybe a bit sensual, but again nothing sexual.

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