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by davidcwong888

World Body painting Festival 2010: awesome body art

Over the past few years, different type’s body art has taken the world by storm. New types and designs have come into fashion every year. From the traditional tattooing and piercing, many people now preferred decorating their body with colorfully painted designs. In fact there is a body painting competition held every year named World Body painting Festival. Staring in Australia in 1998, this is the world’s biggest art festival on the incredible genre of body painting which has attracted the attention of hundreds of visitors. The festival is in fact more than a simple competition. It offers body painting artists and those who love this unique genre of art a chance to get together and enjoy their favourite art. World Body Painting Festival 2010 continues to be held in Australia. During the festival week from July 12 to July 18, 40 artists gathered to paint the most creative work of art. The highlight of the festival is the night “Body Circus” with multi styled body painting held in 14 July.


The official poster of World Bodypainting Festival 2010


An incredible body painting displayed by a model


Strange and awkward outfits at the festival


The monstrous face


Monstrous characters in fairy tale style


A new alive statue of liberty


A double faced girl


Beauty and the beast


Body painted models on the catwalk



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