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Black Magic
Black magic is not considered to be a good act for many people. Many people believe that black magic is a sort of activity which has bad and negative effects on people and it somehow disrupts all the activities of people too. Black magic is considered to be a belief of magic which is mainly practised by bad people. It is somehow an activity done by bad people for the sake of hurting people and not allowing them to do anything good at all. People who are involved in such magic tend to kill, hurt, harm or murder people at any cost.

It has been found by many people to be a ritual and it is only done for the sake of hurting people. On the other hand different types of black magic occur and hence its types also differ from people to people. Black magic is merely the name which had been given to this magic and by giving the name black to it does not mean that something black is done with the person. However it does not have any colour and hence exist on its own. Most of the people have a different view of black magic and this black magic often causes a curiosity among most people. If a person is suffered from a black magic then as a result the person has to be treated with care and affection in order to get that person out of the black magic element.

Chaos Magick is basically the system and practice that is used in black magic. The Chaos Magick people say that black magic is sued in those situations where people are suffering from some sort of separation, death or even it can also be used in some other cases as well. This is not found to be a good practice as it may destroy the lives of people to a greater extent. Even in some cases people who suffer from this may have their entire life disturbed to a greater extent and on the other hand it can also be used against evil uses as well. Sometimes evil spirits are also used by people.

It has also been found out that there is a big difference between the black and white magic. Both of them are not found to have any similarity in between them at all. Different practices are done by people in black magic and its practices include: immortal rituals, curses, true name and other as well. It has been reported that an issue exist with the immortality. This is found to be based on natural results and hence sometimes this black magic done on the basis of immortal rituals can make the life of people suffer a lot and to a larger extent. Most of the people highly rely on this act of practicing. The black magic can sometimes refer to the curses which can be done by people to a greater extent. Black magic can be done to people, objects or even to some of the other elements as well.

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