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Black Henna

Para-Phenylenediamine (PPD) is a common hair dye, it is added to henna to make black henna, which is used for temporary tattoos as well as hair dye. Be aware that some time it causes allergic infection. But now there is a trend about henna tattoos and mostly people like to use henna for getting desired tattoos. Now there is necessary to introduce you about warning information.

Para-PhenyleneDiamene (PPD) is often used as a permanent hair coloring in the oxidation chemistry. These chemicals have a serious reaction to the old Food and Drugs according to the Act of 1906 and the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (c. 1938) has prompted the development of black henna. LureTM whip in the new Act to the consumer market (PPD and eyelash cosmetics) was to remove the prohibition of PPD in cosmetics which is applied directly to the skin for the first time in order to check it’s behavior for the cosmetic regulatory control.

In addition, hypertension and diabetes, chest (e.g., hydrochlorothiazide, and hair treatment products, rubber chemicals, inks and dyes in textile dyeing, and some drugs have a lifelong allergy hypersensitivity reactions may be cited sensitized to PPD. PPD – henna tattoos (black henna tattoos), contact dermatitis, a journal, with allergens in the year 2007 the American Contact Dermatitis Society PPD (ACDS) at the official journal for the attention of the practice. Nonetheless, temporary tattoos black, you do not have a thriving relationship continues. Health Canada, the federal department responsible for helping Canadians maintains for  health, “Black henna” temporary tattoo ink and paste containing PPD has warned citizens to avoid. Part of their Food and Drugs Act 16 “black henna” temporary tattoo in PPD and the consumer, may harm, prevent the sale of cosmetics.

Black henna warning information
Current African henna tattoo artists add PPD in henna to get black henna for henna tattoos.
PPD is used as dye for clothing, in addition it is also important medically and used in necessary medicines (diabetes drugs, neurological drugs and anesthetics) also PPD has harmful and persistent adverse effects on the skin like (blisters, pigment changes and scars, etc.).

Heath care providers who care for a patient to assess the response of providing educational information and people in the future not to receive this black henna application.

Apart of this it is still used as a famous body painting product in many countries. Most important tattoo designs are black henna tattoos, henna designs, temporary tattoos, permanent tattoos as well as varieties of tattoos. Symbols of tattoos are also indicating luck. Like flower tattoos indicate love and many more……….

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