white bodypaint
by Philip McMaster PeacePlusOne_\!/

White Enigma

The poise and grace that this white georgette saree exudes, is beyond compare. With only a minimum choice of colours namely white and gold, the saree is a splendid materialization of a highly brilliant imagination. This saree is a great choice for light functions like get together. The detailed embroidery is done with impeccable precision. The body, border and pallu are done with careful placement of sequins, beads and embroidery. The combination of minimum colours and relatively large importance to embroidery makes the saree look enchanting.

The choice of white colour is divine, as it makes the atmosphere calm. The colour combination is also slightly romantic. The border patch is medium sized and has huge floral images that remind one of octopus. The flowing petals are uniform for all the flowers reflecting the care with which the saree should have been done. The floral patterns find themselves between some complex gold embroidery that wraps the rest of the border. The body of the saree has occasional white flowers near the feet. The saree also flows with all the poise and grace from the waist. But as the saree runs over the front torso towards the shoulder, the patterns increase frequency. The flowers, creepers and leaves done with gold and white are bewitching. The beholder should only be awestruck if such magic is possible with simple ingredients as used in this saree. The bead work, zig zag thread work and the satin stitch thread work done in the saree blend harmoniously with the creation.

Diamond jewellery should go well with this saree apart from studded clutch. Single braided plait with flowers would also complement the looks. It would be an unsolved enigma in the party that the user attends, as to how such simple materials could arrest bulk attention. The saree can be used to steal all the attention in the world.

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