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una mirada
body painting photos
Image by Mar Lizana
Saber no es comprender
podríamos saberlo todo y no comprender nada.

De la exposicion "NUES" realizada con Alfons Trigas, Tamara Castrillejo,Mar Lizana, Angel Marin y Ceci Fimia.

Modelos: Aïda Casanovas y Montse Solans

Maquillaje: Bibi Rhomberg

Estudio: AFES

Venta y preview del libro "NUES" aqui:

Fotografias del evento a cargo de Paco CT:

Proyecto: Nues. Sesión de Body Painting, a cargo de Mar Lizana, Ceci Fimia, Tamara Castrillejo, Ángel Marín y Alfons Trigas.

También están a la venta las fotografias montadas tal y como se vieron en la exposición, a través del correo: [email protected]

Its got your fingerprints all over it
body painting photos
Image by Iphone wh*re
I came across this purely by accident. I like this image purely beacuse i feel it is extremely thought provoking, whos hand prints are they?, why are they there? and for how long have they been there?

SBAR 2009 Poster Art
body painting photos
Image by Velovotee
Download this, blog it, print it, stick it up in your local cafe/bus stop etc. Ta.

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