by Timothy Neesam (GumshoePhotos)

White Flower
White Flower is one of those rare paintings that somehow simultaneously manages to be extremely unique but also very well liked and suitable for most tastes and styles. This piece incorporates only a few colors, but still gives the viewer a complex and rich viewing experience of a simple scene of wildflowers. The base color is a rich terracotta that was put on the canvas in a very smooth manner that contrasts the way in which the white layered on top of it applied to the painting. The second layer of paint is in fact very textured and varied in brush strokes and thickness the painting somehow manages to be very interesting despite have such a limited palette because it is so textured and original in design. This painting, while it is a very traditional still life in many ways, it could almost fit into the category of ‘modern art’ because it is such a unique take on a very typical subject matter. In addition to the interesting execution of this original canvas painting, the shadow of the flower brings forward the white and creates a unique essence for the painting. The execution of the flower is so fluid it almost seems as if it were being shifted about in a breeze. It is this careful attention to details with such a limited palette and traditional subject that make this painting so engaging.

White Flower is depicted in this piece and is spread out over three separate canvases that are homogeneous in shape. The three canvases flow together to create an elegant, moving and organic series. The three canvas design allows for a great many possibilities to display this unique piece- the separate pieces can be hung in a horizontal line or staggered. To view a great many more original canvas paintings that share some of the bold and distinct qualities of this one, try exploring our Landscape Canvas gallery. One piece that in particular that might appeal to you if you enjoy the organic and diverse shapes and bold colors of Diamond Lilies is Lonely Summer, a beautiful painting that will strike similar chords in any art lover.

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