Question by FLguy: Is it ok to ask my new young model to post for explicit photos ?
I’m helping out a Brazilian swimming wear/lingerie business. We found a young model and she said she is easy going and friendly during the phone interview. I’m really looking for a good looking model doesn’t mind to do underwear modeling, even body paint sometime. So I just want to be up front with her and let her know. This is a job for sex appeal and not for everyone. I know what guy want when they look at a pictures 🙂
She is over 18. I asked her that twice and she comfirmed.

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  1. If she is under 18, that is called kiddie porn. And thats just gross. Find someone old enough!!

  2. that’s wrong in my opinion. there’s no need to make girls show their bodies (breast, bottom) because that is practically tarnishing their reputation. if ur so into it find someone with experience who knows how to be sexyy. i hope this helps

  3. Well you’d better find out if she is of legal age to enter into a contract first or you could be facing some very serious legal charges.

  4. I have a custom fitted underwear business and often have young ladies (note* ladies, not girls) pose and model my creations. I use men and women for my catalogues as I make nylon undies for both.

  5. As long as you are honest & upfront about what you are looking for, it is up to the model whether she wants to pose for those photos or not. If she doesn’t, then you look for a different model.

    You can join It is a good networking site for modeling industry professionals. 😉

    It would be a good idea to consult a lawyer about the laws in Brazil about photographing this style of photos. I know here in the US, there are laws that we have to follow, and a contract that must be signed by the model to release the photos. If there is no contract & the photos are used by the photographer, then the model can sue the photographer. Of course, this is US law. I don’t know Brazil laws, but if you really want explicit photos, make sure you protect yourself legally *before* any photos are taken. Only a lawyer can help you with that. 😉

    And as everyone said, make sure she is over 18. I would expect her to be able to prove that, with photo id & birth certificate (or passport). Take a photo of this id with her holding it next to her face. This will help protect you just in case. 😉 BUT, again, consult a lawyer on Brazil laws. This is the most important info I can give you! Good luck!

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