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Question by hotrod_bh: is there any way to crop someones head to someone elses body using paint or dell photo editor?
I am trying to crop someone’s head to someone else’s body as a joke and i dont have photoshop. so i was wondering if there is any way to do this with another program already installed on a dell computer. any help would be great. i have dell photo editor, paint and i think that is it there may be another program i cant think of. thanx

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Answer by TheWiseOne
I don’t think you can do this kind of specific cropping with Dell tools, although it’s possible with Paint’s lasso select tool.

However, there is free Photoshop-esque software online, check it out:
Look for Photo Plus 6.0

It’s just like Adobe Photoshop but free and not as many renders. It will DEFINITLY serve your purpose though.

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  1. Well, that’s easy. just get some kind of SELECTION box around the wead, copy it onto the clipboard, go to the other picture, delete the head off of that, and put the copied head on there. Easy as pie.

  2. There’s a way, but it’s not simple. I once received photos from someone in Russia, who put her own head on a younger body.

  3. In order for it to look fairly decent you need a real photo editing program…not Paint…and probably nothing that comes with your computer for that matter. lol

    I prefer Adobe Photoshop (or the cheaper, Adobe Elements), but you can use Paint Shop Pro too. There is a free alternative, Gimp. Never used it, but it’s suppose to be a free version of Adobe Photoshop.

    Just use the lasso tool and cut out the head of the person and paste it as a second layer ontop of the base image (Layer 1–or the Background). Or you can use the eraser tool by putting the picture of the person’s head as the second layer and erasing everything but the head. You can rotate the 2nd layer around so it lines up nicely…and you might need to resize the layer too so that it’s proportioned correctly.

    Just look for tutorials online…cause the whole program can’t be explained here. 😉 ( is a good site)

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