Question by heidyho: What is the cheapest and quickest wrinkle therapy?
I had a baby 4 months ago and i have wrinkles on my stomach. I’m trying out for a NBA dance team in 3 weeks. I also dance for another company. The requirment is to show my stomach but it has wrinkles. My stomach is flat. I need help and suggestions on what i should do. Should I get wrinkle therapy? Airbrush? Cosmetic surgery? Body Paint? It needs to be permanent or semi-permanent.

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Answer by StarfizH
A couple of sit-ups exercise a day will make a difference because it will tighten up the abdomen muscles. if you really really want to make a illusions for that dance well you could have a tempoary henna tattoe or a crystal tattoe thingy to be more fashionable.

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