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Question by kingnothing71us: what kind of paint is used to airbrush on human skin – aka – body painting?
I want to use my airbrush to body paint and i need to know what kind of paint is used and where I can buy it. I live in York, Pa.

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Answer by Rick Taylor
Do not use airbrushes on skin. Even at low pressures the risk of actually injecting pigment is far too high.

Puppy down there should read up on his subject and learn a bit about what he’s doing before one of his models sues him or worse… he fills someone full of toxins {Finds out that he’s already caused someone irreparable damage}.

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  1. This is just not a great idea. Your skin needs to breathe.

    There was some poor girl here one night who was itching and having trouble breathing, after she’d painted every exposed inch of her skin, including her arms and legs, with acrylic paint for some school event.

    Turned out she was allergic.

  2. What a load of bullsh!t some of the other answers. Urban legends. You can use an airbrush on skin just as well as a brush. It is safe and will not penetrate nor suffocate the skin.

    You best use special body paint diluted with water (Must be water based paint of course) For smaller area’s you can use common artists acrylics. Make sure your subject is not breathing when you paint the face or near it. Breathing in isn’t all that dangerous but is will make you cough and can induce an asthma attack if they are susceptible.

    For best effect have the model use a waterbased cream it will make for great surface and will make clean up a lot easier.

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