Question by dogstar: What airbrush kit would be best for me?
Im a beginner interested in doing a bit of airbrushing as A hobby.I can picture myself doing such projects as painting bicycle frames, motorcycle body parts,crash helmets and that sort of thing. What would you recomend me to buy thats resonable value for money?

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Answer by angdarling1
do some research…check out Iwata airbrushes. They have many versatile models that can be used for the projects you list. has airbrushes, compressors and supplies for the best value on the net but you need to know what you want.

don’t forget to have a good respirator too! The projects you mention will use solvent-based paints and they are extremely noxious!!

I would reccommend an Iwata HP-BCS siphon-feed airbrush ( this is an airbrush that the paint attatches to from underneath in it’s own ‘bottle’)

With a good compressor your initial investment is going to be around 0. Don’t go for the industrial compressors – they’re LOUD and not really practical for indoor art work.

good luck

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