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Question by blrpg: I do airbrush makeup and tattoos, body art, sunless tanning. I have a couple that wants me to spray them……?
like Michael and Janet Jackson. The tats and body art, I use tattoo ink to spray on because it lasts alot longer. But, for the face, I can’t use that. If I use waterbase paints, that’ll work, but they run easily if water gets on it. If I use makeup foundation, it would be thicker, but might work.
What should I use and what colors?

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Answer by Ania is against animal testing
Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson? As in skin color?

Do you want the face of Michael Jackson to be really white?
You should check out some regular clown makeup if that’s what you want to go for:
Its inexpensive and effective.
Or, for airbrush white makeup:

For Janet Jackson, her skin color is a dark warm beige color.
For regular face makeup, just use some Revlon ColorStay. I would go for the one that says “True Beige”:
For airbrush, I would use this:

If you need any other help, just add additional information and I’ll be sure to check back in! 🙂

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