Question by does anybody know of any schools that teach stuff like detailing cars putting on body kits and stuff like that
im trying to learn stuff about tricking out cars not engine work just asthetics like painting dash running wire body kits headliners painting the car airbrushing the only thing i can think of is finding a place that does that in my area and asking for an aprenticeship or internship. i live in dedham ma

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Answer by fordman
That’s a good way to learn, if you can find someone who wants to take the time to teach you. They have some chools like Wyoming Tech and a few others I’ve seen advertised on TV. See if Boyd Coddington is hiring, and then go work for Chip Foose. lol

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  1. Try the apprenticeship. If the company says NO, they are losing an extra set of willing hands. Think about it.

  2. actually theres a college dedicated to that kind of stuff over here, in el paso texas i forgot the name but they trick out fast and furious type cars, i think its western technical college

  3. Also consider graphic arts and design training. It’s just a matter of scaling up your work to design cars. Even seeing how tattoo artist do their work might help.

  4. get an issue of car audio and electronics. they should sell it anywhere they have books/mags, like meijers. they have all kinds of schools in there that teach fabrication and things

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