Miss HIGH TIMES Brittany Wagoner wanted to give us a special cheer when we reached our 420th issue. So she had herself body painted into a special uniform with a special number! hightimes.com
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LSU Devoted Commerial

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  1. Does she have a YouTube channel? If so can anyone tell me what it is pls?

  2. I love her laugh. Ive been told I have a pot head laugh.

  3. Thought she was ok looking til she laughed huhuhur… Hehughugh…

  4. Here in the UK we used to call girls like her “urchins”, an old term which is probably out of fashion now…

  5. Shes fucking cute! Shes a hella stoner, tell just by the way she laughs hahah

  6. You looked amazing the entire time!!! You pulled it girl, no doubt about it!!!

  7. All these haters! LSU best team strongest conference(west) GEAUX TIGERS!!

  8. This was really funny I likes “nice” #GeauxTigers

  9. @72hookemhorns LOL wow- that’s pretty funny, Hookem! Now enjoy your upcoming 5-7 season.

  10. As a Florida alum and LSU law student….I say Florida had the better commercial.

  11. I’d rather see the chubby one bent over a stool getting pounded (true humiliation) by the other guy
    – the ‘winning’ team

    Now THAT would be interesting to see.

  12. Moobs… Classic sign of too many corn-dogs and funnel cakes.

  13. It’s funny how the only thing other fans can complain about is the fans, hahaha. Because you know you cant talk shit about the team, because they would literally embarrass the hell out of your team. Take your horns and stick em up your ass.

  14. @72hookemhorns……..arrogance that lsu fans project?!?!?!?! YOU came to a video that involves LSU, not TEXAS and talk shit to lsu fans. I’d say u are the arrogant one. and hey, we’ll fix that corn dog smell (????) if u fix the stench of illegal mexicans. thanks.

  15. Idont see why your comment has too many dislikes

  16. still pissed off we kicked your ass in the CWS a few years ago huh? If I were you I would be worried about winning the weakest league in college football, but we all know Texas is nothing but OU’s bitch anyway.

  17. @bferg531 You know the arrogance that the lsu fans project is unwarranted! lsu has NO tradition (look up the meaning)! You need to concern yourself with issues you can contribute in solving! Like: Where is that corndog smell coming from in baton rouge? For lsu to be a so called dental school, there sure are A LOT of people from your piss poor inbred state that have bad teeth! lsu is the melanoma mole on the face of the NCAA!

  18. exactually? pahahaha! exactly what i expect from a texas fan. you know that red line under the words? that means you misspelled it dumb fuck.

  19. GEAUX TIGERSSSS!!!!!!!!!
    Please Let Jordan Jefferson have a great year and lead us to the BCS CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!

  20. Geaux to hell LSU! Looks like someone ate one too many corndogs….

  21. I would bend the fat one over a barrel and pound the $hit out of him !

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