Question by : Sweet 16 Black Light Party Help?
I have a few months to organize my Sweet 16,
and I have decided on a blacklight party.

I am quite overwhelmed with all of the things that need to be purchased
and reserved.

If you have thrown a party like this before, please help!
Or if you have used any good brands for makeup/bodypaint that reacts under the lights
this would REALLY help me.

With my invites, I want to give out white shirts that say “___’s Sweet 16” for dress code
are there any fabric paints that react under the lights?

If i was to rent a hall (not very large) how many light fixtures do you think i would need?

Thank you

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Answer by Jackie
Rent out a hall first, go to home depot and buy the right size black bulbs and replace the lights at the small party hall with black lights. get a dj, strobe lights, lots of food and youll be set. make sure you have cute invitations and decorations too. like for yours have glow sticks everywhere, and maybe like semi formal or casual dress

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