Hi Bellas, I’m back with another tutorial. This goes in part with my Luminess air review. This is a pretty long video because I show you how to pretty much do the whole shebang…from priming to color matching, foundation, blush, contour, bronzer, blush and even cleaning the machine. It’s pretty much an airbrush 101 course using the luminess system. This is great for those of you who want to learn how to airbrush. To find out more about the products I’m using, check out my luminess air review! www.youtube.com The video is a little long, so check out my video highlights so you can jump around: 0:48 Prepping the skin 1:14 Prime the skin 1:23 Color Matching 3:00 How to clean the stylus between colors 4:38 Applying foundation – build in light layers 9:49 Use the airbrush stylus to dry your foundation 10:30 Apply concealer 11:05 Setting the foundation with powder 11:52 How to avoid looking shiny? 12:48 How to highlight using a lighter color 14:41 How to contour using a darker color 16:15 How to apply bronzer to deepend the contour 17:28 Applying blush 18:51 Melt everything together using powder 19:23 Apply luminizer 21:09 The final look! You can find these products at www.luminessair.com Make sure to check out the amazing web seminars on their site For a complete post with pics and a review of the products, go to my blog at http Circle lenses from www.mukuchu.blogspot.com Follow my daily ramblings at twitter at http FTC Disclosure: I received this product for review. I am not
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How To Temptu Airbrush Tutorial and Indepth Review Product review will be placed on pursebuzz.com this weekend To purchase: tinyurl.com FAQ: Does it make you break out? I thought it might because I break out with most foundations. But this one is oil free and made with sensitive skin in mind. I didn’t break out and it didn’t irritate my skin. Over all I was very happy with the actual foundation. But keep in mind everyone’s skin reacts differently and that’s why I think the best thing is to have a test run at the store first before jumping into the investment. How Do You Wash it off? Remove with the same products you normally use. Available at Sephora and Sephora.com Disclaimer: This product was provided by brand. Pursebuzz does not accept payment for reviews. All reviews will state pros and cons. Reviews are based on publisher’s experience and will always be honest and upfront. Any questions please direct in the comments. Thanks : ) Elessa Link above is an affiliate link to sephora.com

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  1. Hey, guys. I am selling this item on ebay. Starting price is $119.99. Check it out
    Title: Luminess Airbrush Professional 

  2. Hey, guys. I am selling this item on ebay. Starting price is $119.99. Check it out
    Title: Luminess Airbrush Professional 

  3. i suggest you get a better video camera, cause if seeing nice quality videos then saw yours, felt so difference..

  4. hi there! i just wanted to know if i could use the dinair foundation in my luminess airbrush system? do you think you could help me? thanks so much love your videos!

  5. @fucksinrot nope as long as u don’t point and aim DIRECTLY in ur eye. :D

  6. Im new to airbrushing.. but like I’ll pull the trigger and only some makeup will come out but when the trigger goes forward it “spits” out makeup…. Ive cleaned it and have the same trouble.. any ideas? sometimes it will only let the makeup come out when the trigger goes forward tho .. so weird.

  7. Dilliards sells the kit if anyone was interested..i wanna say its almost 300 bucks but it doesn’t have the foundations..its just the 3 speed one..i think you buy colors seperately though

  8. I wanted to try this airbrush system and thought life would be easier to apply my makeup on without having to use my hand. Until I searched deeper about this product and a lot of people tried the trial kit version; however, some people didn’t like it and complained about their customer service being horrible and that they are forced to pay for this kit and that they are having a hard time returning this product back. Is this selling in stores?

  9. Also I decided thay after I’m done with esthetics I’m going to take a makeup artistry class and its all because I watch your videos!

  10. I’m in school for esthetics currently and we got airbrushes but didn’t get in depth with them…watched this vid and then had an application today and it turned out great! Thanks!

  11. Thumbs up!
    This is really fantastic!
    Perfect for makeup artist and for all.
    Great video! Great tips!

  12. Thanks for turning down the music volume 🙂 It always seemed so much louder than your voice that I would have to turn the volume up and down before, but not now 🙂 thanks again! Great tutorial.

  13. this is a great video bc i always want to know how air brush work. thanks renren!

  14. just wondering what is your twitter name? I’m a hair and makeup stylist and love to network with other h & m stylists 🙂 awesome review… I am purchasing this system… but can’t find the pods at sephora.. help?

  15. I saw this at Sephora, and I was like woahh this is soooo cool!! Does this break your skin out?

  16. You studies well with this product you should ask for that Company for a Sample bullet.I need to know more technic for Asian skin tone but like it your research Well Done.I ‘ll go get one for myself this xmas!!!

  17. quick question…does airbrush makeup rub off on clothes like regular makeup can?

  18. this really helped me out ive been wondering if i should buy this system because of the money but i think itll be worth it :]

  19. I have this and absoloutely love it however the only downfall I feel is that if you wear contacts it will stick to them and you cannot get it off!! I dont know if anyone else has had this problem!!

  20. When taking it out pull gently down and it pops it out easier little tip 🙂

  21. i just got one for christmas and i love it! 😀
    when i first tried it this morning i spent like 20 minutes so frustrated because nothing was coming out, but then i realized that it was on like the lowest setting possible lol.. oops..

  22. could you please do this review again but in different lighting? its teribal and i couldnt even tell the difference. i couldnt see any comeing out or anything. thanks 🙂

  23. 250 for the system itself plus a highlighter and a voucher for a foundation and each foundation pod is 30

  24. 250 for the system itself plus a highlighter and a voucher for a foundation and each foundation pod is 30

  25. elessa just so u know, temptu does sell a travel bag for this system 🙂

  26. I think I’m the porcelain shade, I’m usually Ivory shades, but I have pink undertone and idk if Temptu has an Ivory with a pink tone 🙁

  27. you can watch xsparkage’s video about airbrushing, se had red pimples on her face and it tottally dissappeared!!!

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