A small collection of some of my favorite body paintings from the past few years. David Bowie’s 1975 single “Fame” from the “Young Americans” album, instrumental arrangement. EMI owns the copyright to this music. This is for entertainment purposes only. No infringement of copyright intended.

www.FitnessModelFactory.com WHERE ALL THE BIG NAMES SHOOT, and NEW FITNESS MEGA-Stars are CREATED! JNL kicks off and opens up her new production studios with her 2012 Body Painting Calendar Shoot!
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  1. “hahaha “I can make you famous” love it!! –also awesome editing.

  2. ahh you cant do that jnl. teasing just hurts in a bad way

  3. WOW! I salute thee, BOOTY! Love the body painting theme. Delicious.

  4. OMG.. That must have been the best moment in that camera guy’s life!

  5. Please Jenn,i want to see you in denim short shorts like Daisy Duke.

  6. Darn, usually, I’m pretty good about catching every detail, including titles, but I was a little distracted by the imagery 😉


  8. Wow, I thought at first the shorts were painted on 🙂 This video made my heart rate race too. Great video!

  9. Need cardio? Watch my Body Paint vids! Ha! Instant reat rate increase! JK!!!!

  10. Jennifer, this video is good for my cardio. I watch it several times a day. My heart rate goes sky high.

  11. Stay tuned for my JNL Body Paint Video part 2! Subscribe!

  12. awesome mamacita can wait 2 see more body painting vids from u ur sooooooooo sexy and beautiful ur like a super hot jlo with a amazin body ur just super hot! i love ur vids u always please babe! xo

  13. Happy Birthday! Well, Im kind of like in my Bday suit! hehee! More JNL body painting vids to come! xoxo JNL

  14. I was going to say nice bottom but what tease!! Just a gorgeous body Jen.

  15. oh i’m saluting those glutes, who would dare pass on that ass ?

  16. dammmmmn what a nice video jnl thanks babe 4 posting this please post more from this video session ur ass is sooo amazing! love u mamacita ur soo hot and today is my birthday what a treat!! xo

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