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Question by : How to get rid of the flesh around my hipbones? With photos for reference?
I recently starting biking to work and while my butt, hips and thighs get a great workout (they’re really firm!), the fleshy area around my hips never gets targeted. I want an uninterrupted curve from my waist to my hips and not a curve with sinuous waves like I do.

I know it’s hard but what exercises would you recommend?


In the picture I outlined in RED what is happening right now and in BLUE what I’d rather have. I want a slight uninterrupted curve like Kate Upton has! See here



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Answer by Hellena
Well for starters, most models are posed / shot really well to get that smooth curve. You should compare with ‘face on’ shots to avoid illusions.

As for the bump:
1) If wearing jeans that are far too tight / panties that are too tight, i have found these to give me a weird bump. After wearing skirts/no panties as an experiment, it did go down for me. I am guessing this is partially due to water retention.

2) Love handles are fatty areas just above the hip (and towards the back). You should do ALOT of cardio – 30 mins minimum, 4-5 times a week to blast those away. Cardio will also help all other flabby areas of your body too. Biking is NOT ENOUGH. I’m talking about proper jogging/biking for pure exercise, 40 mins.

3) Squats.
Squats will help your lower portion (thighs/butt) to rise up and pull your body in tighter, reducing the curve you described / any major lovehandles. I recommend 3 sets of 15 every time you shower / or before and after sleeping every day. Increase intensity if you can handle it.

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