A spring bodypaint on a pregnant woman. No sound. See more bodypainting pictures at www.lone-wolf.dk
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latesttvandmoviesfree.blogspot.com Really cool slideshow of body art/body painting wallpapers/pictures put together to the really catchy and quirky song (still a) weirdo by the very talented KT Tunstall.
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  1. Thank you and congratulations with the pregnancy! Yes, Bibi Freeman, Catriona Finlayson and Raphaelle Fieldhouse (plus many more) does beautiful bodypaint as well =)

  2. This is an amazing concept. My girlfriend is expecting our first baby at the moment (due in April) and I would love her to be painted like this in pregnancy. Is there anywhere in the UK where she could have this done ?

  3. Thanks, LoneWolf. I was thinking this because i see most pregnant women feeling itches, even without painting…and feeling itches for hours and couldn’t even touch the itch point looks like a torture.

    And i almost forgot…congratulations for your work. It’s really beautiful.

  4. Hi Jackie. The paint dry really fast and as long as they don’t have wet fingers, it is fine with touching or gentle scratching. The painting itself normally don’t itch.
    Think it took like two hours, can’t really remember.


  5. I know it looks a silly question, but…she doesn’t feel itches during the paint? If yes, how she scratch herself without ruin the work? And a painting like this must need hours to make.

  6. It is easier that way. I can have all the colours with me at the same time, and only have to remove one lid.
    But for the colours I use a lot – like black and white always and yellow and blue for this one – I use the original container so I don’t have to carry to much weight.

  7. No, there is no parabenes and perfume in the products. And they only stays on top of the skin, they do not go into it.

  8. Pretty, I concur, but wouldn’t the paint affect the baby in any way?

  9. wow, that is so beautiful!!! she looks so pretty… and her belly looks so nice.
    that’s art work!!

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