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by Christian Leitner

Want to Learn How to Airbrush Tattoo

The best way to learn how to airbrush tattoo successfully is to take a class with one of the masters. There are experts throughout the country for you to look for. The top artists for teaching others how to become a successful airbrush tattoo artist are: Star Shields of Fantasy Face Painting, Neil Roth of Get Painted, Donna Nowak of Show Offs Body Art, and Kat Beringer of Head 2 Toe Body Art.

Taking a class from one of these masters will help you avoid many of the pitfalls that most beginners fall into when first attempting to learn how to airbrush tattoo. They will help you to answer the questions that you did not know that you even had yet, avoiding expensive mistakes with equipment purchases, what to look for with insurance, how to book events, trouble shooting your airbrush, tips for making your designs pop, how to make your own stencils, as well as a multitude of other information and history about our growing industry.

Each of these teachers are very generous with their time and information, and charge very reasonable rates for the classes that they offer. If you cannot attend a class, be sure to check out Donna Nowaks DVDs. She currently has two on the market, titled How To Airbrush Tattoos, and Trading Faces. Each is entertaining and well worth the price paid. Donna’s personality and ability to teach others come through very clearly.

Besides these master teachers, there are also a multitude of professional airbrush tattoo artists around the country, most of whom are very willing to offer advice, or teach a class for those looking to get started with airbrush tattoos. Be sure to be courteous and realize that you will most likely have to pay instructors for their time.

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