Naked gal gets deal on a suit
NOW BUY SOME CLOTHES! Zoe West, busted for stripping down during a body-painting exhibition in Times Square last year has won a settlement in her false-arrest lawsuit. A nude model busted for dropping her drawers during a body-painting exhibition in …
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Bodypaint model arrested in New York; International body painting festival in
Hundreds of artists from all over the world compete in the competition, which has been held in Colon Field Concert Hall, in Duryu Park, Daegu, since 2008. Visitors to the festival can buy their own painting supplies and make-up should they desire to …
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“Drunk 9/11 Hippie Girl” Pays Tribute With Body Paint, Foam Finger
"Drunk 9/11 Hippie Girl" Pays Tribute With Body Paint, Foam Finger Every American offered remembrance to 9/11 in their own way. For many people, that was done in ways personal and private. Some folks, however, were a bit more vocal, such as this …
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