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nt5.us for backstage photos! Behind the scenes view. Making of de la sesión de fotos de la jugadora de golf profesional Natalie Gulbis para la revista Sports Illustrated en su edición de 2012.

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  1. just quit wear fabric clothes and play golf with paint clothes, I would be awesome a fan at the golf tour.

  2. Natalie Gulbis eats a healthy high fiber diet and she takes huge craps. I spied on her when she was pooping in the womens bathroom at LAX Airport and she totally stunk it up!

  3. proseb1987 , you weren’t saying that when I was fucking you in the ass!

  4. She can’t play golf, might as well turn to porn! I didn’t know she was that ugly though! Nice fake titties!

  5. She was horny her nipples were hard troll face w/ boner

  6. So awesome to see she has great nipples to match those great tits.

  7. The need to talk Paula Creamer and Morgan Pressel into doing this

  8. I wish she would do better on the LPGA, then everyone would be getting bigger paychecks. She has not even made 20,000 this year golfing yet, hopefully she has endorsement deals to counter this.

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