A few nice body painting photos images I found:

IMG_2334 Teenage Kuikuos Body Painting Toca da Raposa, São Paulo
body painting photos
Image by Wilfred Paulse
IMG_2334 Teenage Kuikuos Body Painting Toca da Raposa, São Paulo by Wilfred Paulse Copyright © 2011.

Photographing indigenous peoples, for me, is my contribution to maintaining a record of their culture and activities.
These images are not for sale nor should they be reproduced without my consent together with that of the people the images portray.
Please respect our rights.

Fotografar povos indígenas, para mim, é minha contribuição para manter um retrato das suas culturas e atividades.
As imagens dos povos indígenas neste site não estão à venda e peço para não as reproduzirem sem meu consentimento e das pessoas retratadas.
Por favor respeitem nossos direitos.

According to Law 9.610/98, the partial or total commercial reproduction is prohibited without the previous written authorization of the author (article 29). ® All rights are reserved.
Conforme a Lei 9.610/98, é proibida a reprodução total e parcial ou divulgação comercial sem a autorização prévia e expressa do autor (artigo 29). ® Todos os direitos reservados.
Wilfred Paulse on Flickeflu

Visite o site da Toca da Raposa: www.tocadaraposa.com.br/xingu.php

cosplay painting
body painting photos
Image by greyloch
I can honestly say that I’d never heard of someone cosplaying a painting before. Yeah, I’ve seen people walking around with the Mona Lisa framed around them but to actually paint a painting on you and walk around? That’s just 10 kinds of awesome!

BTW, anyone know which painting she is? She told me but I forgot. Oops?

Tech stuff: B&W layer in Photoshop, then used a mask to make her the only object with color in the photo as I wanted all the subtleties on her skin and hair to really shine through.

lessons learnt whilst spray painting [no puggles were irrevocably harmed]
body painting photos
Image by ashley.adcox
1. I need to learn to wear gloves. I’m tired of shredding my skin just to get the paint off.

2. I need to figure out a better way of shielding my carpet, or give in and do all of this in the garage…unfortunately that takes me away from my stereo, and out of my room. I’m enjoying a lovely season of rapid cycling and mixed episodes, and when I’m like that I hardly leave my room, because I’m too wrapped up in what I’m doing and I can’t stand interruptions/interratction with other people, or I’m just completely out of it. Doing this in the garage would really take away from the isolative aspect of all of it. Isolation is key.

3. I need to invest in some sort of a mask. My father was banging on my door at 6am the other day telling me he could smell the paint all through the house and that I’ll kill my brain cells. My window wasn’t open at the time, so I guess it was pretty bad…he said he didn’t mind the smell because it wasn’t overpowering throughout the house, but he was freaking because I wasn’t wearing a mask or anything.

and the final, most important lesson:

4. I should never…ever…EVER spray paint with my dog sleeping in my room. I did so last night and he was totally cool with it- never messed with anything, and he was sleeping on my bed, therefor right under a window, so I wasn’t worried about his breathing. I finally packed it up around 7am and he woke up not long after I had fallen asleep (thus waking me up)- so I stumble out of my bed to go let him out and I see that HALF OF HIS BODY IS RED. I was freaking out. He had been laying curled up, so half of his body was exposed to the paint. I guess as the paint was drifting out the window (…or doing whatever it is that paint does as it spreads around the room) it drifted on to him, therefor covering half of his body with red paint.

Needless to say, I was horrified. It didn’t help that I had *just* gotten into a deep sleep, so I was completely confused and my mind was racing with a million different scenarios, all revolving around "holy crap…my dog is going to be HALF RED for months until his fur grows out…or…whatever dog fur does"

Thankfully, when I woke up later on today I found that the paint is like 95% gone. You can barely see some auburnish-looking spots on him, but it’s so subtle that it could pass as natural coloring. I guess paint doesn’t stick to dogs as well and it came off as he was running/rolling/whatever all day.

That being said, it probably helped that I didn’t actually spray paint my dog…it was just the tiny paint particles that float around the room…but yea…I was totally freaking out when I saw that…it was just the strangest thing I’ve ever seen.

I mean…seriously…my dog was half red. If that’s not trippy, I don’t know what is.

I felt pretty bad…it’s kind of hard to not feel a tad bit guilty when you’ve inadvertently painted your dog.

…I wish I would have thought to take a photo…but alas, I was half asleep and relatively horrified.

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