Picked up a 1980 Blazer K5 Body for my SCX10. A darker red than I was expecting, but a nice surprise. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe.
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  1. Hey can someone please tell me where to find the 5k blazer body for scx10 because I have looked every where can someone plz tell me a web site where I can get on plz!!!!! Thx

  2. nice vid man…just finished my mustard yellow with racing white topper blazer. i cant get my wheel base correct though….how you do it? what size links and what not?? my wheelbase is ALL JACKED UP!!

  3. Very nice job , Im gonna start painting my blazer body very soon, i extended my wheel base so i really had to hack the fenders , im gonna paint it the same colors as my real blazer

  4. looks sweet real nice read paint job ride looks killer

  5. Thanks Railfan, its an HPI Blitz that I painted. There’s a video of it on my channel. Thanks for the sub.

  6. Very nice, I think Ima do that! what is the body @1:29 ?

  7. I use iMovie, took mne about 20 minutes to make this clip. Thanks for watching!

  8. Hey bro, thanks for watching!! I am looking at getting a Honcho, i do like the extended wheel base. The scalers are a lot of fun, I never thought I would enjoy them as much as I do. Thanks for the compliment.

  9. colors look good. just add some weights to your front wheels to offset the extra weight on the body and your ready to hit the trails.

    FYI: the Honcho is 1/2″ longer wheel base when compared to the Dingo.

  10. the apple sticker looks gay as hell, how did you take the fenders off cut them? or do they screw off, thanks

  11. yeah, its a body from Proline. Keep in mind the fender flares are from the Stock RTR SCX-10. Its the standard wheelbase, where the honcho kit has a longer wheelbase (dont quote me plz) Thanks for watching, glad you enjoyed

  12. is it a proline body? and did you have to lengthen wheel base? im new to scale rock crawling, thanks for the help.

  13. thanks dude, it was my second pain job so I was a little nervous but happy with the turnout. Thanks for watching and subscribing!!

  14. that is so awesome… i want one so bad, but im a ford guy i want a bronco lol. it still looks super cool.

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