This video explains how our Ultimate Airbrush Equipment will enable you to make money from home as and Airbrush Face Painter / Tattoo Artist — immediately. With our equipment and no artistic skill, you can be the top face painter in your area in a very short time and can earn from /hr-0/hr to start. With Dooneys Marketing tips, you can infiltrate and take over the hundreds of hours of face painting that happen in your town every month, and do a better job than most seasoned artists. If there is a sports team in your town, you have to have our equipment before the next playoff season. Visit this web site for equipment information: You can’t get there from our regular web site, so you have to use that address. You can visit our site to see what we are charging, and how we promote our service. This is the easiest, and most fun to make a living yet! Wait till you see this video!
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  1. Answers about the Mechanics:

    As far as mechanics of the airbrush, it is VERY simple. The only working part is a spring, and they almost never break down. Actually, the only thing that breaks are the brass nipples where the air comes out, because sometimes you drop the airbrush and the brass bends. You can buy back-up nipples for about $3 each. I made these to last (for my business), and for me–I use mine every week, at multiple parties, and each airbrush usually lasts me for years and years.

  2. This is Dooney,

    I’ve had some questions about the pens. They last a long time. A set of pens usually lasts me about 10 hours of work. Some colors go faster than others like black, white, and red.

    I buy the pens at the local Wal-mart, or off of the web, so I send you directly there, because I’m not interested in being a pen supplier!

  3. I’ve been working with John using this airbrush system for 7 years now and it is just as easy and fast as it seems. I use it every weekend along with my magic shows and balloons, and the whole process is just loved by my audiences. John is just starting to sell these systems outside of his business so be one of the first to corner your market with airbrush tattoos.

    The system is easy and very sturdy, your customers will love it.

  4. I own and operate an entertaiment business here in San Diego. I have been using a 7 airbrush setup for over four years for my stencil art. I recently bought one of Looney Dooney’s airbrushes, and I LOVE IT!!!! No more lengthy setup and breakdown, no more hours of cleaning airbrushes… it’s fast, it’s easy, and it is definately worth it! I have also seen many different stencils out there, most of which don’t even come close to these. Entertainers…you need this in your bag of tricks!

  5. I agree, do your research. Our system is so much faster and easier than regular airbrushes it’s not even funny.

    Also, I’ve never seen our multi-layered stencils anywhere else, so like you say, do the research!

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