Edited picture causing stir on LSU campus
They always dress in body paint, and they always wear the crosses," said LSU paper, The Reveille's, managing editor Emily Harrington. In the edited … But the picture was edited and the crosses were airbrushed out, which offended some students on campus.
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Card Corner: 1972 Topps: Ken Holtzman
Many collectors have bemoaned the airbrushing efforts of the 1970s and '80s, chiding the overly bright colors and the uneven lines that make so many of the cards look like they were “painted.” I come from a different camp on this issue. I have to admit …
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Naked Ladies Make Awesome Artsy Bikes [Video]
Body paint Artist Trina Merry responded to a inquiry coming from Ryan Berman of i.d.e.a. and the result of their collaboration is truly astonishing. Trina re-creates various motorcycles with an intriguing and sexy combination of skillful body paint and …
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