Stuck on Homestuck: How Andrew Hussie Turned a Tumblr Craze Into a
When they gather together, they're an unnerving sight, with their gray full-body paint and orange horns, and a faintly evangelical gleam in their eyes. What's instigating all this? An obtuse …. In 2010, as the audience expanded—gradually going viral …
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Texas Rangers Collapse: Dallas Fans Should Take Blame as Worst in Pro Sports
Missing the ALDS was quite possibly the worst moment in franchise history, and that's saying something for a team that hadn't won a postseason series until 2010. … Do diehard fans in Oakland worry about spilling mustard on their body paint? Do the …
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Beefing on the Boulevard
Every athletic event between the schools, even when one team is clearly outmatched, is a cause for body paint and vuvuzelas. But the … In both the 2009 and 2010 seasons, Blair won the battle, bringing home the wooden trophy as a symbol of triumph.
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