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Question by : 3ds max to unity3d question?
I am a 3d artist and am going to make a game soon. I texture my models in bodypaint 3d which create the uv map for me. Does unity3d support specular, bump, and uv coordinates for my bodypaint3d texture.

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Answer by Anthony
you don’t need to keep switching max and fourth i would get your model, object built and then texture it max can do it all until your ready to export from max i would not use bodypaint

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  1. If you export it correctly then Unity3d usually keeps the UV coordinates (Export with .fbx). As for specular and bump textures, Unity has that built in, so all you need to do is just export your model with a normal texture then you can add the specular and bump in Unity. In Unity you can also generate your own bump maps from the original texture, just look up a video on youtube and you’ll find a helpful tutorial.

    I also suggest using 3ds Max, it’s better; at least in my opinion.

    If you want to see what you can accomplish with Unity3d and proper texturing you can check out my channel on youtube and look at my Unity3d videos they might help.

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