Question by L K: Have an opportunity to be bodypainted?
I have an opportunity (along with some friends) to be bodypainted by an airbrush artist at a local nightclub. (They have monthly theme parties, and one of the free services they offer is the bodypainting for the evening). They tell me he uses an airbrushed on water based acrylic paint. Is this stuff safe. i saw some of his work from his photo albums, and he does some awesome stuff. Just worried about paint being sprayed on my nakedness,lol. Any clues anyone?

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Answer by Rance D
Go for it!

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  1. Judging by your pic, you don’t seem like the type to be shy about being naked. Go ahead and do it. It will look cool and you will always remember it.

  2. Water based paints should be OK. But remember that your skin needs to breath too. Don’t do anything freaky.

  3. it’s safe enough if you have no allergies to acrylic paint. it will wash off, and most acrylics are non-toxic these days (in fact, the toxic cadmiums seem to be more expensive). one thing i have noticed when doing body casting tho, is that if you have overly dry skin, it’s best to not wash it before applying any kind of alginate on it. the natural oils in the skin will act as the release for the medium, and i would suspect that this is the case for bodypainting as well. so you might want to forgo showering at least 5 hours beforehand. and always be careful around the eyes and mouth area.

  4. First, let me say I am amazed at the number of questions that this “Answers” site gets about airbrushed art. Secondly, let me say, that getting bodypainted is a very cool way of self expression. If you Are doing it for a nightclub function, all the more fun. I have been an airbrush artist and have done bodypainting many many many times at festivals (Mardi Gras, Fantasy Fest in Key West, Sturgis and Daytona Bike Rallies, etc.) and have only had one time when it was an issue, and she had an allergy to the paints, which is rare. If you have any allergies to materials (you or your doc should know), check first. Most airbrush artists, myself included use a water based acrylic textile paint for bodypainting. it is generally non toxic, you can swim or bathe with it on (abrasion removes it, as being washed by a sponge). It cleans easily. However, be warned, that once painted, any tight fitting garments (bra straps, etc.) that cover the painted areas will rub it off. All in all, a very safe way to express yourself. Have fun with it, enjoy it, and let me know how it goes. I have sent you a site address with a couple hundred or so pics from my portfolio of bodypainting just to give u some ideas, feel free to thieve one if u like it and show it to your artist so that he may try and duplicate it for you)

  5. I really cannot comment on the actual question, but I see that you are from the same town as me (from your profile). I HAVE GOT TO KNOW where this club is,lol. That bodypainting sounds fun, and I am not the least bit shy either. I sent you my e-mail addy to your blog, let me know. Heck we might even be neighbors

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