Question by ecc451: What is the best paint to use for decorating the side of my motor scooter?
The body is hard plastic. I’m thinking of oil-based enamel but don’t know if it would be good to cover the finished work with some clear coating and if so, what? Epoxy? Or is there such a thing as epoxy paint? How do people get that finished appearance, smooth, no brush strokes, looks like it was painted in the factory? I have to use brushes, no airbrush. Needs to be durable. Thanks 🙂

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Answer by Nicole Bowman
Really, if youre just “decorating” the side, try using those paint pens you can get at a stationary store, and finishing with a can of clear coat, using lightly but evenly or you will get wavy runs throughout it, and let it fully harden at least two weeks before using any kind of washing materials on it.

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  1. For scooters or any plastic, always use Krylon Fusion for Plastic!

    No prep is needed and it bonds to plastic better than any other paint on the market. Very very durable.

  2. For best results with a paint brush, I recommend One Shot sign painters enamel. This is an oli-based enamel that comes in small affordable cans in many colors. They do offer a water-based version for easier clean-up, which would be my second choice.

    One-shot is very good at hiding brush strokes, but to get a smooth finish overall, you need to clear-coat the artwork. An auto body shop would do this best for $ 80-$ 150 or more. You can do it yourself with a clear spray enamel (do not use lacquer!) You may have to let the clear coat dry, wet-sand the area, and clear coat again. This may have to be repeated several times to get the effect you want.

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