Question by JethroMudKipz: I want to get into body painting, where do I look?
Where do I look for info on local and state competitions?
Human body painting, I want to know where to sign up for local comepetitions.

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Answer by Bogdan
you look straight at yout painting. people will freak out if you paint them and look away

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  1. you could start as an apprentice in a large body shop or get into a local technical school that teaches are a long way from competition.,get to the point where you’re making a living with it 1 st.

  2. hallo..
    gud evening..
    im naga from hyd…

    for your question..
    im giving some websites below..
    so that you can see the human body painting competitions….

    above website is very best to you i think so plz go and look up

    i hope you’ll satisfy with my answer so…
    thanku my dear frid
    good luck
    best regards
    keep going positivily

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