Best of SEMA 2012, Part III: Proud to Be 'Murican, Monster EV, and a Clowned
Over five years, a claimed 50,000 man-hours—1200 for the airbrushed paint job alone—what once was a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado pickup is now this creation, dubbed the Heroes Truck. The rig is a rolling tribute … The body—which can hydraulically …
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New Technology Saves Old Dioramas [Slide Show]
Artists painted sketches, capturing the exact hills, streams, trees and rocks in specific spots. Collectors gathered plant samples to use and to re-create the snapshot back in New York; others killed the now-iconic animals that would be the …
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1966 Ford Mustang – Meant To Be Driven
Harbor Radiator's parking lot, or a tent setup out back of Total Car Care, owned by his best friend, Mike Evans, is where most of the body mods happened. Raymond widened the '66 8 inches, … Not being able to leave well enough alone (and wanting to …
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