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Question by Mike: which is the best software for animation?
i am a new animator learning boy so i need a simple but 3D graphic software to animate…also can i animate a real movie anyhow…..

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Answer by Carling
Try Blender it’s free and is used for 3D Animated movies there are lots of tutorials and videos you can download from Blenders website

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  1. hi mike i can tell u are very ambitious and very excited about animation and thats good.
    I myself an animation student can tell u that there is no best software for animation as every software has an equally difficult learning curve and advantages. If u really want to be an animator i advise you to join a proffesional course as learning by urself simply doesnt match the experience and knowledge u gain a proffesional course and if u are in a proffesional course they should teach u the neccessary softwares for animation.
    As i said there is no best software but there are free softwares out there if u want to get a feel of animation. The best such software would be blender and there are thousands of free tutorials out there. But u will have to spent atleast 5 hours a day to master any such programs(if u wanna become really good at it). If u wanna buy a good and easy software to start out with i suggest cinema 4d coz i started out with it it is very fun to learn and create stuff once u get the hang of it and the learning curve is easy compared to maya max etc. Learning c4d(cinema 4d) or blender first can make things easier when moving on to maya or max or houdini or whatever.
    NOW the MOVIE part… Creating even a 10 second quality animation short needs modelling ,texturing lighting rendering and maybe dynamics. for modelling rendering and lighing maya or c4d or blender will do. For texturing photoshop is better for beginners even though c4d has bodypaint(a built in 3d painting program). And to master all these u will take altleast 1 year( at the VERY LEAST) and to do all this especially animating it will take more than 4 weeks to make a short movie of just 1 minute.
    But dont worry animation is addicting once you get the hang of it (if u are really dedicated that is). So keep going. And most important point:

    IF i have turned you away from animation with my long essay watch this:
    search in google the pixar story

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