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Question by Danielle: How can you blow up a certain body part on a picture in paint to make it look natural?
Because I use cut in paint but it don’t make it look natural.

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Answer by MThoenes

If you are looking to enlarge a part of a photo in the Microsoft Paint application and make it look natural, there are several issues to consider. The quality (resolution) of your original digital image can be an issue. Of greater concern is that MS Paint is a very basic tool without layering and blending capabilities. If you cut and past, as you have tried, you will hard edges which make it difficult to get a believable blending of the image. this is very difficult to do in Paint.

Here is something to try… It will work best if you make your image very large. Image > stretch. (300 x 300) Then reduce its overall size afterward back to its original size. ( 33 x 33 ) this will allow you to spray paint in finer detail.

depending on the resolution / size of your original

First: Image > Stretch > 300 x 300
1. Use the free form tool to select your body part leaving some border.
2. Past and scale your part
3. Use the pick color tool to select a skin color around the part
4. Airbrush the color along the edges to blend the enlarged part with the original image
5. Pick several different skin tones and spray paint till the blending looks more natural.
Reduce the size of your image back to original. (almost: Image > Stretch > 33 x 33)

I frankly recommend using some other image editing tool if you want to do areal nice job of this.
Photoshop – free trial available
Gimp – Free open source Image editing application

Using the layers feature in these application, you can open the image and
1. Accurately select the part to copy with a lasso tool
2. Copy the body onto new layer
3. enlarge “blow up” the body part
4. blend the edges to more natural.

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