UVatar, the UV Bodypainting Art Experience was created from an idea generated from a casual soundbyte by Wolf’s Bodymagic. The idea germinated and quickly turned into an annual gathering hosted in the beautiful town of Groeningen in the Netherlands, in a beautiful old converted hospital covered with pieces of art and home to many artists. Here, people come together twice yearly to express themselves with colours, art, props and blacklight, cosmetics/makeup, wigs and bodypaint to transform themselves into beautiful alternate personas, bringing themselves to life as living and breathing art. Here, the canvasses sing, dance and perform to their hearts content. Kryolan paints are usually used, along with blacklight/UV light, with loads of different props from Papier Mache, wire, foam, and many more materials. Some pieces resemblings frogs or wildlife, and sometimes something from completely out of this world! Some people have transformed themselves into matching pieces of art to form animals such as octopuses (which you can see at the end of the video). The whole experience of being painted in blacklight is extremely meditative. Normal vision and depth perception do not apply and so the person can drift into a deep trance state as they are being transformed by the artists. The body paiting process can take 2-6 hours here, sometimes longer for an extremely creative piece. Some work is emphasised further with hybrid mixes of different lights, mixing UV with halogen lights or
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