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by cblackmor

Question by mari: Can you recommend a good waterproof bodypaint?
I am getting married outdoors on what will likely be a hot day in August, and I’m planning on painting a butterfly on my back. Should I use latex paint? Or is there some other sweat-proof paint that would be better? I will not be using much paint (the butterfly will probably be 4 x 3 inches), so I am also looking for a place that would sell sample sizes (or just small sizes) of paints so I don’t have to buy a whole bucket of it.

Thanks for your help!

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Answer by Meg M
Any paint like that will not react well with your sweat. Acrylic will flake and latex will peel like crazy. I use acrylic, which is probably the best you can get for your money. I would imagine that if you wiped down the area to be painted thoroughly and wiped a little antiperspirant over the area, then painted with acrylic it should last all day–the antiperspirant would keep it from flaking. I suggest getting acrylic at a craft store and doing a test run beforehand…

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