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Question by hekinsieden: Where is a good place to get/order Tattoo style paints for an Airbrush?
Hi there everyone!

I have been working on my airbrushing skills and I was wondering if anyone knew what brand or where to order some paints specificly for temperary tattoos that can be used in an airbrush.

I use an Iwata HP-CR and I have been loving airbrushing ever since I got it.

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Answer by Dee
You could try your local tattoo shops. They would know the best deals around.

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  1. I’m going to assume you’re here in the US…if so, both Coast and Dixie carry Body paints used for temp tattoo’s (Temptu is one company).
    If you’re overseas, such as Europe, I’d check in the back of the airbrush mag that comes out of Germany. (airbrush art & action, I think)

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