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Question by jessivea: What programs will I need to create a complete game from scratch?
I have maya, 3ds max… What else do I need? Please name the program… This is a good quality game so price is not an issue.

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Answer by Leo A
It is dependent on what kind of game it is. Whatever game it is, you must have an engine(ex. Unreal, HL2) to run it, depending on the functionality in the game. If you were to create it from scratch, without any engine.. you will need to program the engine for the game. The engine is a mixture of artificial intelligence, menus, dynamics, real-time rendering, and events programming. The type of engine to use, or to program is heavily dependent on the game type. If your engine has been programmed or bought, then you use a script to use the functions of your engine.

Such as “When a character tries to open a chest, look if character has a key. If character does, then open the chest and delete the key from character”

When your engine is fully programmed and scripted, you create your assets. These consist of models, sounds, movies, animations, textures, etc… used in the game.

For creation of models: Autodesk Maya, Pixologic ZBrush, Mudbox, 3ds Max type of programs are used. I recommend (Maya + ZBrush), since it is most popular.

For creation of textures: Maxxon BodyPaint, DeepPaint, Photoshop type of programs are used. I recommend (BodyPaint + Photoshop).

I do not think it is possible for one person to create a good quality game, since one person can’t be an expert at all the areas required (modeller, texutre artist, programmer, sound engineer, rigger, etc…)

But if you are looking to hire people to do the work, use the softwares recommended. Those are the most popular softwares used now, so you can find experts at lower prices easier.

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