Question by taylor: How do I print out an image for a body pillow?
I have a high-resolution picture of an anime character (Chiyo-Chan) that I want to print out and put on a long body pillow, but upon printing it is not big enough. How do I enlarge or “blow it up” and print it on multiple sheets?

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Answer by Wyatt Earp
Try this with regular paper first to make sure it works….

Go to Start..Accessories…Windows Paint…open your anime picture then select the Image Tab..and select Resize/Skew then with Resize select 200% for both horizontal and vertical to enlarge the image. Continue doing the same steps to make it larger. Now select File..Save As…and save the file to print.

But before saving the file…click File…then select Print Preview to see the actual size….try to select print without borders….but you may still need to trim each photo to match up.


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