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by Joe Mabel

Question by Melisande: How do I get rid of the flesh around my hipbones? With photos for reference?
I recently starting biking to work and while my butt, hips and thighs get a great workout (they’re really firm!), the fleshy area around my hips never gets targeted. I want an uninterrupted curve from my waist to my hips and not a curve with sinuous waves like I do.

I know it’s hard but what exercises would you recommend?


In the picture I outlined in RED what is happening right now and in BLUE what I’d rather have. I want a slight uninterrupted curve like Kate Upton has! See here



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Answer by Bryce W
you can’t spot train that area. it goes away with total fat loss. you could try doing obliques, but overall it’s just got to come off as part of the poundage.

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  1. The only reason you have a “sinuous wave” is because you drew one on the picture in red ink.

    Seriously – look at the other hip – all I see is an interrupted curve.

    Your obsession with fat that doesn’t exist is weird.

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