Question by dandaman: Where can i get info about getting started in airbrushing/spraypainting?
I really want to get started airbrushing/spraypainting esp. clothing..also if anyone knows if there’s any company that sells canvas shoes like converse (either or both high and low version) cheaply at wholesale prices

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Answer by tysgrandma99
look under murals,air brushing,also look under cars,,,,,,,,,,,,also look under tattoos……..finger nails,cosmetology custom art air work…………good luck

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  1. As an airbrush artist of over 30 years, I can maybe help out. There are many good books on the market, as well as some sites on the Internet (, or for example) or you can go to the sites of airbrush facilities and artists. I will send you link to mine. First and foremost you have to to be willing to invest some time and money into it. Airbrush art is a very unique art form, that can be applied to many different mediums, and forms. I do textile art, murals, bodypainting, swimsuits,shoes, vehicle murals and graphics, even fingernails, but I have been doing this many many years. The best judge of whether or not you will be successful is you, yourself. It is a very lucrative art form, but also a bit pricey to begin. You can begin with entry level airbrush kits for around 75-80 dollars, but you also need air compressor ( I absolutely DO NOT recommend the canned air), paints, inks, supplies, etc. The actual learning of the airbrush itself is not that involved, most guns are comprised of only 8 parts (The barrel, trigger Assembly, handle, spring, channel block, cone tip , head, and needle). The art is in learning the correct use of the trigger/air/paint ratio, then learning control. I wish you the best of luck, and again, if you have questions, just send them to me, I am willing to help any aspiring new airbrush artist. As far as product vendors, there are many who will wholesale you items to paint. They can be found on the net, and in your local phone directory or yellow pages as well Hope this has helped a little.

  2. Can’t help you with the shoes…but I oh yeah, I can help you withthe airbrush part.
    Clothing (including shoes) need a textile paint (unique adhesive qualities). Textile paints are thicker than say a standard airbrush acrylic. Thicker paints means more air pressure to push the paint through the airbrush. More air pressure means you’re going to have to consider an air source that can keep up.
    A widely used t-shirt airbrush is an Iwata eclipse siphon feed. For compressors, that entirely depends on how many airbrushes you’re running at the same time…etc.
    I’d call Coast Airbush, or e-mail em…airbrush is all they do. Their staff is knowledgable and friendly.
    Another site to look for product is Dixie.

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