Question by redrumredrum: Dead pin up girl costume for halloween?
this halloween, i was considering being something dead.
after debating, ive decided on being a pin up girl with her throat slashed.
i want the entire costume to be more gruesome, or creepy in a sense.
so could anybody help me find a darker style to being a pin up girl?
for example, could i pull off a frilly skirt with fishnet stockings?
makeup and hair tips are also needed.
any helps appreciated.
thanks alot.(:

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Answer by Tessara
I would say go with a black knee length pencil skirt and corset or halter top. Maybe a white top so you can let the blood run down and stain it. Whatever stockings you pick make sure they have a backseam. Bodypaint yourself with a light grey and accent with a shade darker under eyes, in cheek hollows, around your collar bone. For hair you could always buy a Bettie Page style wig.

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  1. If your going to an indoor party, you could go with a bikini, or maybe even lingerie depending on the mix of guests. If neither of those is an option, then you could just rip up your chosen costume a little to make it look like you were murdered, and make sure whatever you have looks vintage! Fishnets are an OK idea, but you may end up looking more like a dead prostitute then a dead pin-up girl. I’d say to make sure you know what decade your from, forties fifties or sixties, then match your hair appropriately. Defiantly go with thigh-highs with a backseam, high heels (one missing?), garter belt if you have one and can make it visible, roughed up period hair, pale sunken makeup and of course lots of fake blood.

    40’s hairstyle:
    50’s hairstyle:
    60’s hairstyle:
    alternate hairstyle:
    slit throat:
    cheaper slit throat:
    The quality on this on is bad, but it gives good tips, used the strangulation makeup:

    Good luck!
    Happy Halloween!

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